Zangule is a Persian app with more than 100 2D animated videos (stories and songs), now it is available for all kids all around the world. these days the majority of immigrant parents around the world are worried about forgetting the mother tongue, so you can prevent it by downloading this app for your child.

Don’t worry about telling stories to your little babies at the night, Zangule will entertain your children with it’s amazing, beautiful and informative stories.

All stories and songs are produced by our professional team and these stories are radio show which designed and produced by professional radio actors and the storyteller is a kind grandmother for Persian children “Maryam Nashiba”.

This app is free downloading and you could watch all the contents as 7 days free trial, but after that, you can be subscribed or use limited mode witch has one free item in each part.


All the contents are collected in two different categories: 89 stories and 37 songs.

The Stories partition has 4 parts: Zangule’s City, Zangule & Animals, Fili stories, Audio stories

The songs partition also has 4 parts: Kids songs, Happy songs, Animal songs, birthday and lullaby songs.

here is what you get in Zangule Application:

- Every stories and song, except the Audio stories, are completely animated to engage your child.

- Cute animated characters to make your kids giggle with joy!

- Simple and easy to use app! Ideal for children under the age of 6.

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