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Terms and Conditions

1- About Website

1-1 Welcome to Bloommerce. This website operates as a business directory and part of Bloommerce Advertising Media, which provides an excellent opportunity for business owners to join this directory. If you are a user, you can use the services among many categories prepared for you by searching via the search box area.
2-2 All activities of this website and ‌Bloommerce Advertising Media are under Canadian Business Law.
2-3 Bloommerce has this right to update its terms and conditions anytime and publish them via this very page. So, this is your responsibility to check this page frequently to understand any changes. Therefore, If you agree to continue using this website, it means you agree with this section. If the terms and conditions change, it is effective from the updated date. It is highly advised to read the terms and conditions carefully before using our services.

2- Accepting the Condition

By using this website, you present your agreement with the terms and conditions. Also, when you create an account, you will show your understanding by clicking the box of terms and conditions acceptance.

3- Creating an account to use this Website

3-1 The first step to having access to the user dashboard is to create an account. In the process of creating an account, it may ask you to enter some of your personal information like:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address

3-2 You need to ensure that all the information you enter to create an account is correct and updated.

3-3 When you successfully create an account, it means you are a user of this website and agree with the terms and conditions. As a user, you have access to some of this website’s sections through your dashboard.

4. User's Obligations

4-1 As a user of this website, you are supposed to pursue the following items:

  • You are responsible for your email and password confidentiality. Please do not share your password with others that may cause avoiding your accessibility to this website.
  • Sharing any information from your account on this website with others is not recommended. If you understand someone has access to your account, you are responsible for contacting Bloommerce to avoid any unsecured activity with your account.
  • Accessibility to this website is limited and is not transferable, and you are only allowed to use the website according to its service purposes.
  • You are committed not to copying our services and business plans without our permission.
  • You are committed to updating your information as required, and Bloommere is not responsible for your non-updated information.

4-1 Using this website and its content is forbidden under the following circumstances:

  • For illegal use
  • To force people to cooperate with you in doing illegal affairs.
  • To break the national and international regulations.
  • To violate the intellectual properties of this website and others.
  • For discrimination, abuse, harm and insult based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, national origin or physical disability
  • To send incorrect or misleading information.
  • To upload or transmit viruses or any other type of bugging code that affects the performance of the services of this website or other websites.
  • To collect or track the personal information of others and use it unauthorizedly.
  • For any unpleasant or immoral purposes
  • To interfere in security services.

We reserve the right to terminate a person’s access to use this website for such purposes.

5- Buying the packages and return policy

5-1 There is no charge for using the Website to search and find the services you need, and it is free.
5-2 Business owners must pay the purchase fee specified on the Website based on the package of their choice when they want to add their business to the website directory.
5.3 All the Payments are made through one of the approved payment gateways on the Website. These portals are valid credit cards in Canada or PayPal.
5-4 All Bloommerce services are designed to develop Iranian businesses in Canada. Therefore, purchasing packages to add a business/service to this directory is only possible for Canadian residents and in Canadian dollars.
5-5 All purchase packages are obvious for business owners, and there is no possibility of a refund after purchasing the package.
5-6 All payments are now tax-free, and whenever this Website decides to add a tax to the packages, you will see the tax is will be added to your purchase as you want to place your order.
5-7 After purchasing the package, our communication services with Bloommerce Support are available both through live Chat or the page Contact Us. Business owners can contact us from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST). Bloommerce has no obligation to answer your questions during the hours and days not mentioned.
5.8 This Website may, at its discretion, remove a business from its directory, in which case, we will refund the total amount.
5-9 According to its business policies, this Website may reject the membership of some services and businesses in its directory and not approve some business registration. In this case, the company will only guide you to read this paragraph. It will not be obliged to provide further details because the list of all services is reserved in the Bloommerce Business Plan, and the company approves or rejects the businesses based on that.

6- Guarantee of the Website and Bloommerce Advertising Media

6-1 Bloommerce Advertising Media, including this Website, has no responsibility for the quality of the services provided by their clients, i.e. the business owner.
6-2 All services and businesses on this Website are designed with separate and specific profiles belonging to each business/service owner. The only way to contact or follow up on each business/service is to communicate with them directly via the contact information available for each profile.

7- Copyright and Intellectual Property

7.1 Website services and all related products of this company, including business listings, ‌website design and colours, and Bloommerce Digital Magazine, are subject to copyright. The contents of the Website (including text, photos, videos and logos) are subject to copyright under Canadian law and international treaties.

7-2 Any use of the idea or design of this Website, copying of businesses and advertising posters and directory of this Website is subject to legal prosecution.

7.3 The company retains all rights and interests associated with Bloommerce:

  • Business name, Branding, Website name and address, trademark and colour, industrial design, patent and copyright of the company

8- Privacy

‌Bloommerce considers your privacy to be a serious matter, and any information obtained through your use of the Website relates to the Company’s privacy policy contained on the Website.

9- ‌Preventing Public Responsibility

Bloommerce will not be responsible for the following: Any loss or damage unless the loss or damage is foreseeable.

Loss of profit or opportunity or damage the goodwill arising out of or in connection with the Website Services, or these Terms and Conditions

  • The risks and dangers of using the website, services, and any of this website’s products are the individual’s responsibility. Everything on the Bloommerce website, services and products is provided “as is.”
  • The price of products and services can be changed without prior notice, and in this case, the website will not be responsible to users. It is possible to modify or discontinue the service at any time without prior notice, and in this case, the website will not be responsible to users.
  • This company does not guarantee that your use of the Website Services is timely, secure, error-free, and without failure. And in this case, Bloommerce is not responsible.
  • Bloommerce does not guarantee that the results obtained from the use of the website and its services will be accurate and reliable. You also acknowledge that sometimes the company may change the service for a certain period or cancel the service at any time without prior notice to you.
  • There may be information on the website or in the service that is inaccurate or full of bugs. Bloommerce reserves the right to resolve these issues and update these items and may even reject a request due to these bugs without prior notice. Therefore the company is not responsible for that.
  • Once again, it is emphasized that Bloommerce Advertising Media, including Bloommerce Website, has no responsibility for the quality and accuracy of the services and information provided by its clients, i.e. business owners, and has merely provided an opportunity for business owners to introduce their services. The responsibility of verifying the provided services and information accuracy is with people who wish to use these services, and this media does not approve or reject any services or information.

10- Responsibiity Limitation

10-1 Bloommerce is not responsible for the content posted on the website in connection with the services, whether created or published by the website users, by third parties or by any of the people to whom the services are provided.
10-2 The links provided by business owners on this website may direct you to sites that are not affiliated with the company. We do not guarantee these sites, and we have no responsibility for these sites to users. We are also not responsible for any damages incurred due to using third-party products, services or websites.

11- Contract Termination

‌Bloommerce may terminate your contract at any time under the following circumstances:

  • If you violate the terms and conditions or intend to violate any of these terms and conditions.
  • When Bloommerce is required by law to terminate your contract.
  • The partner through whom this company provided its services to you has terminated its relationship with this company or has stopped providing purchasing services to you.
  • Providing services to you at the discretion of this company is no longer reliable.

12- User Comments/Review

12-1 Bloommerce reserves the right to edit or delete at its own discretion any illegal content, offensive, threatening, abusing, and in violation of these Terms and Conditions.

12.2 You agree that your comments or reviews are not illegal, aggressive, threatening or in conflict with the rights of others and these terms and conditions. In fact, you are responsible for every message you send.

13- Compensation

You agree to compensate Bloommerce in the following cases:

  • All actions, claims, requests, costs, losses and damages incurred by or in connection with any content you posted through the Website.

14- Location Credibility

The services of this website are only available to people living in Canada.

15- Dominated Regulations

These terms and conditions are written under the law of Canada. Any dispute or claim relating to these terms and conditions shall be construed following this law, and the rights of the parties and their successors shall be settled.
Finally, both parties acknowledge that the provisions of these Terms and Conditions are fair and reasonable and declare that these Terms and Conditions are contrary to public policy and are not unequally regulated.