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Shirkhodai Real Estate Group, Professional property buying services
Free evaluation and consultation
Free and 100% free services for buyers in a special package with promotions
Analysis of different areas of Montreal and suburbs
Providing professional property price analysis for buyers before the purchase offer
Full review of property conditions and legal documents and full explanation to buyers
Attending the technical inspection with the help of the official inspector of the province of Quebec
Coordination of mortgage and all administrative matters related to the notary
Introduction and analysis of different areas before buying: Broussard, Lowell, West Island, downtown Montreal, Sat Shuro, the area desired by buyers.
Buying income-generating properties for investment, management and rental of residential and commercial units
Specialized services to business owners and companies for investment
Buying land and villas outside the city
Buying and selling business and franchise

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  • hashmatkhademi
    August 21, 2023 at 13:37

    اصلا به نیازهای من پاسخ نداد. همیشه حواسش پرت به نظر می رسد.

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